10494577_729646160415538_4539878814088814867_nHow important is FOCUS to your short term & long term success? This is an extremely important question for you to ponder (one of many such questions).

Brilliance, talent, ability, skill…call it whatever you’d like. They are all important attributes to possess, but it’s more important for you to remember that brilliance alone will NOT create an environment conducive to your ongoing growth or success.

Indeed, most successful people will be the first to admit that they are NOT brilliant, but they are focused, and that focus helps them maintain discipline. (In fact, they often surround themselves with brilliant people to make up for their shortcomings). This is precisely what is meant by the expression, “Focus Beats Brilliance.”


UE1 recommends that you focus on only one message.

Focus on activity that fuels your business and not on “busywork”. Focus on doing the ONE thing that creates definite value for your customers and prospects—one thing that you do better than anyone else.

Focus on doing what YOU do best, and make way for others to do what they do best. Get your focused message down (keep it pithy) and stick to it.

And always remember: Focus beats brilliance….every.single.time!

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