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"I've Spent 20 Plus Years As A Home Based Entrepreneur & Spent Thousands Of Dollars And Hours Mastering The Art Of Working From Home So You Don't Have To."

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Michael E. Schmidlen
THE Underwear Entrepreneur

About the Author

Michael E. Schmidlen is a serial solo entrepreneur who has successfully run his multi-million dollar, home-based business for over 20 years. An Angel Investor and Published Collaborative Author, Michael is currently working on finishing his own first book, “THE Underwear Entrepreneur" - “The Definitive Guide To Working From Home”, where he shares his many business experiences and unique stories. The book is designed to be a blueprint for other small business owners, would-be entrepreneurs and start-ups to beat the overwhelming odds to create a successful, thriving small business model. He is also currently publishing two new business-themed magazines: CRUSHING IT Magazine and VIRTUAL COMPANY Magazine, in addition to running his business.

“Michael has proven it year in and year out that you can not only survive, but THRIVE as a home based Entrepreneur.  His mentorship has lit a flame in me to mimic his blueprint and I'm happy to say that it's all that about the action boss, and easier and a lot less painful than I thought it would be.  Michael is the real deal! ”

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