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"I've Spent 20 Plus Years As A Home Based Entrepreneur & Spent Thousands Of Dollars And Hours Mastering The Art Of Working From Home So You Don't Have To."

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Michael E. Schmidlen
THE Underwear Entrepreneur

About the Author

Michael E. Schmidlen is a serial solo entrepreneur who has successfully run his multi-million dollar, home-based business for over 20 years. An Angel Investor and Published Collaborative Author, Michael is currently working on finishing his own first book, “THE Underwear Entrepreneur" - “The Definitive Guide To Working From Home”, where he shares his many business experiences and unique stories. The book is designed to be a blueprint for other small business owners, would-be entrepreneurs and start-ups to beat the overwhelming odds to create a successful, thriving small business model. He is also currently publishing two new business-themed magazines: CRUSHING IT Magazine and VIRTUAL COMPANY Magazine, in addition to running his business.

“Michael has proven it year and year out that you can not only survive, but THRIVE as a home based Entrepreneur.  His mentorship has lite a flame in me to mimic his blueprint and I'm happy to say that it's all the about the action and easier and a lot less painful then I thought it would be.  Michael is the real deal! ”

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